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Karen's Writings has been set up for all writers, experienced, potential and even the first time writers, as a place to 'air' their words on the Internet as opposed to the written page.As in the age old proverb of advertising, 'any publicity is good publicity' we hope that by being published in Karen's Writings, this will find you the leads to take your next step in becoming one of the best known writers of this century.

In today's world being 'technologically savvy' is a must for any beginner in the world of writing. There are of course, the diligent, lucky and the brave writers, who have taken on the world and succeeded. Stephen King, Harry Potter's author, Bryce Courtenay all started somewhere. Maybe the next John Grisham is you. All it takes is an idea, persistence, love of the written word and some professional help along the way.

At Karen's Writings we hope to share the journey with you, guide you through each step until you have reached your goal.

The following tips and tricks are a good place to get started to get your stories out there.

  • Social Networking - e.g. Facebook, Hubpages, Stumbled Upon, Digg - are all great websites to post a line, sentence, paragraph or article about any topic you can imagine.

  • Start Your Own Website - Google and Yola have free sites for anyone to set up a basic web site about 'you'. Take the time to read the instructions, set up the site, get some links from your Social Networking pages and in no time you will be recognised as a published author.

Best of luck from the balcony!

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