The Balcony is where I sit and compute on a daily basis. It is where I have researched and written many articles, stories and even a couple of books. It is my sanctuary and a long way from the red sands of the centre.

Beyond the Balcony is when my husband is ready to hit the road and explore this vast and wonderful land of ours, Australia. It's a big country and I know we will never run out of places not yet seen. I truly love the outback but then the coast and the cities also have plenty to offer. 

From the Balcony is a work in a progress. I don't know where it will lead having started its origins as a writing site. It would seem I've come a long way and not gone far. 

Thank you for your patience while the finer touches are added. In the meantime why not browse the site or have a look at the articles and stories on HubPages under the pen name of Karanda or Karen Wilton.

The title 'From the Balcony' was inspired by my good friend Steph. She had come to visit not longer after my husband and I had made a major change from the red centre of Australia to the north east coast. We had in fact, made one of the biggest sea and tree changes possible. During Steph's visit we spent many hours on the balcony talking about our lives as they had been and the way we expected them to develop in the future. Thank you for the inspiration Steph.


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